Episode 001 – Interview with AhClair

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Who is AhClair?

Image Credit: AhClair TV
Image Credit: AhClair TV



AhClair has previously worked as VFX artist a post-production company,  Kuala Lumpur. She met her husband, Sam in the company too. After a few years of long distance relationship, they married and move to Johor.

Now, she is a happy mother and a full-time Youtuber. Join me to congratulate her as a beautiful “Chinian” bab, Kayden has arrived in their family.

YouTube Channel:

How do you spend you spend your confinement period?

My mother helps me to do my confinement period.

How much do you spend on your confinement?

approximately RM2001 to RM4000

How do you feel after doing confinement at home?

I felt tired. As newborn still need cuddle and milk at night, I didn’t get enough sleep. I need to wake up and take care baby myself.

Any advice for other mothers?

In my opinion, it is will be good to stay at confinement center. At least new mother can get enough sleep. zzzz

You have a mixed marriage. How do you overcome the cultural difference on confinement?

It wasn’t that easy to adapt to the different culture. both confinement practices are different in approach but very similar in their dietary requirements which are to purge out the “wind” in the body after delivery also avoid “cooling” foods during the confinement period, such as, wear slipper in the house, shower with herbs, do not wash clothes, eat ginger and many many more. As I was staying with my parents, so most of the time, I follow Chinese traditional culture.

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Thank you AhClair for the interview session. Stay tune for more information in the coming episode.

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